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Blue Island

The Destination is Important, Because... we made the journey our tradition!
Our farm is located in the open sea with clear waters all year round, offering fresh fish free from antibiotics and medicine
Alive! Healthy in our fish stores, caught in the most clean sea water / live mussels, oysters, cocles, lobsters and other top quality shellfish
From more than 30 years, we always select the best catch
Blue Island Sea Bream(Sparus Aurata)and Sea Bass(Dicentrarchus Labrax) the premium quality of Mediterranean aquaculture.
I choose a healthy diet! I buy fresh fish from the Blue Island store


The basic fields of the company’s activities are Fry breeding, through our subsidiary, Blue Fisheries in the Akrotiri area, Fish farming through our fish breeding farm at the Governor’s Beach, Wholesaling in Cyprus and abroad through our Processing/Packing Unit/Warehouses in the Strovolos Industrial Estate and Retail selling through our own shops and shops in supermarket chains.

Blue Fisheries Ltd is the subsidiary company of Blue Island Plc. The fish hatchery is located in the Akrotiri area, Limassol and is one of the first established in the Mediterranean for the production of Mediterranean fish, mainly Sea Bass (Dicentrarchus Labrax) and Sea Bream (Sparus Aurata). The fish from the hatchery is delivered to the Blue Island fish farm for breeding until they reach their commercial weight, more than 300 gr each fish. 

The open sea fish farm of the company is located at Dolos Cape at the Governor’s Beach area. The location of our fish farm in combination with our good management practices result in the production of healthy fish, with supreme taste and high nutritional value, such as Sea Bass (Dicentrarchus Labrax), Sea Bream (Sparus Aurata) and Meagre (Argyrosomus Regius).

The Processing, Packing Unit and the Fish Warehouses are located at the Strovolos Industrial Area and we handle today more than 3,000 tons of fish a year. Following selection, the packing and in the case of certain kinds of fish, the fileting, the marinating and the warehousing are made here.  The company’s facilities operate in line with National and European Laws and have National and European compliance Approval CYF07.

The presence of Blue Island Plc in the retail sector in the Cyprus market is quite significant. Our presence accomplishes and secures the leadership of the company in this market. Blue Island Plc shops ensure both the hygienic preservation and display of products as well as the easy and quick service of the customers.

Blue Island Plc - Mother Company

The main activities of the company are the fish farming of the Mediterranean species Sea Bass and Sea Bream and the trading of fresh fish from open sea fishing. The company was established in 1993 (under the name Blue Island Fish Farming Ltd) as a mariculture unit.

A turning point for the company has been its conversion in 1999 into a Public Company and its listing in the Cyprus Stock Exchange. This development contributed to the growth of the company both in the field of mariculture and in the field of fresh fish trading.

Blue Island Products

The company is supplied from its own production and from fishermen and fish supply companies in Cyprus, the Mediterranean and other countries.
Blue Island exports from its own breeding farm, mainly Sea Bass (Dicentrarchus Labrax) and Sea Bream (Sparus Aurata), to Europe, USA, Russia and the Middle East. 
From our subsidiary company, Blue Fisheries Ltd, and its modern facilities at our fry breeding station, we can supply you, all year around.

Recipes we Recommend

You can find recipes for Sea Bass, Sea Bream, and many other seafood.

Quality Certifications

The company’s Processing / Packing Unit / Warehouses are in line with European Laws and have the European compliance Approval CYF07, and the following Certifications

Production with modern and safe production methods

Maximum satisfaction of customers though the supply of products with high nutritional value and quality

Occupational health and safety management systems