Policy on Personnel Health and Safety

Policy on Personnel Health and Safety

The Policy of Blue Island Plc, recognizing the social and financial dimension of accidents as well as the value of life of every human being, is to provide a suitable and safe working environment for its staff and to ensure the health and safety of all persons who may be affected by the activities of the Fish Processing Unit.
The Company aims at:

Eliminating any possible danger and/or risk which may harm human health or the environment or the installations and equipment or procedures or third persons or a combination of the above.  
Minimizing the hazard of recognized risks, through the implementation of preventive systems and measures for the control and protection of its working people and installations as well as citizens who may be affected by them.
Continuous control and monitoring so as to recognize new possible risks in the activities of Blue Island Plc and the direct implementation of measures to eliminate or minimize the hazards.
To attain the above goals, Blue Island Plc is committed to the following:
To the elaboration, installation and implementation of an Occupational Health and Safety Management System in accordance with OHSAS 18001:2007, which seeks to recognize all existing or possible risks for health and safety at work and to institute measures to eliminate or minimize them.
To comply with all legislative and other requirements in force concerning Hygiene and Safety.
To provide suitable and adequate training/briefing on staff safety, through special seminars and suitable instructions/procedures on working safely.
To constantly monitor, document and evaluate safety. To review current policy, aiming always at the continuous improvement of safety levels.
To support consultation and communication mechanisms in all the levels of the company’s organizational structure and with third parties.
To set up measurable targets on safety and health, to review them and evaluate their effectiveness.
To make available the necessary resources for the attainment of these targets.
The policy of Blue Island Plc is absolutely binding on all the people working in the company and on all organizational levels.
The same holds true for every customer, contractor, foreign associate or supplier of Blue Island Plc.



Ensuring safe conditions of work through the adoption of modern best practices and standards.

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