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Fish Hatchery - Blue Fisheries Ltd

The fish hatchery is located in the Akrotiri area, Limassol (34º38 ́ 14.20º N, 32º 54 ́42.85º E). The annual production capacity of the hatchery is 10 million fry (small fish) weighing 1,8 – 3,0 gr, which are delivered to fish farms for breeding until they reach their commercial weight, more than 300 gr each fish.
It is worth mentioning that the hatchery is one of the first established in the Mediterranean for the production of Mediterranean fish, mainly sea bass and sea bream.
Larvae and fries grow in an absolutely healthy and natural environment. Medication, antibiotics and hormones are not used in our production processes.
50% of the annual capacity is exported to selected customers, mainly in Greece. The export is currently performed with a trailer loaded with water tanks. Each shipment (depending on fry weight) can take from 250,000 – 500,000 of finger lings.
The operations of the fish hatchery are carried out by the wholly-owned Blue Fisheries Ltd.

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