With an exceptional event, Blue Island Fish Markets presented a priceless, unique and innovative book edition entitled: ” CYPRUS ICHTHYOESSA: FISHING AND FISHEATING IN CYPRUS”.

The book conveys in detail the fascinating history of fishing and fish-eating in Cyprus since the 10th millennium BC. and up to the present day, quoting several historical facts and evidence.

Within the pages of the book, the reader has the opportunity to meet the marine environment of Cyprus and its characteristics, through detailed descriptions of the main types of fish and seafood that live in the waters of the Cypriot seas.

Through his greeting, the chairman of the Board of Directors of Blue Island Plc, Mr. Stavros Kremmos, congratulated the author of the book, Ms. Florentia Kythraiotou, recognizing the wealth and knowledge brought to the surface by her thorough research, commenting that it is undoubtedly a comprehensive publication and a useful tool in the hands of scholars and students. After all, as he added, the content and rare photographic material deposited in the book, prove beyond doubt that the centuries-old history of fishing and fish-eating in Cyprus is an integral part of the broader identity and culture of our island. He continued, emphasizing that he feels proud that Blue Island Plc has made a decisive contribution and from the first moment, passionately supported the effort to publish this valuable book. Furthermore, Mr. Kremmos underlined that throughout time, Blue Island Plc is always next to initiatives and actions related to the protection of the environment and sustainable development and that this is exactly how the company will continue to operate in the future.

In his speech, the Executive Vice President of the company Mr. Giorgos Zaloumis noted that the Blue Island Plc family, apart from its business plans, aims to establish the culture and experiences of both fishing and fish eating. Particularly regarding fish eating, the book also highlights the culinary side of the Cypriot tradition by including 19 recipes of Cypriot seafood cuisine in its contents. As he commented, it’s an edition that is part of the company’s coordinated effort to promote new consumption habits that emphasize fish and seafood and therefore a healthier diet for all of us. This effort successfully includes the collaboration with the Association of Chefs of Cyprus, which aims to spread new and healthy eating habits among our compatriots. In closing, Mr. Zaloumis gave the promise that Blue Island Plc will continue to raise the bar to benefit our homeland, Cyprus Ichthyoessa.

During the event it was announced that in its effort to contribute to the development of marine awareness, Blue Island Plc decided to donate 2,000 books ” CYPRUS ICHTHYOESSA: FISHING AND FISHEATING IN CYPRUS” to the Ministry of Education for the needs of the libraries of all schools in Cyprus, 120 books in the Department of Fisheries and another 300 books in professional associations with operations concerning the sea.