Blue Island Deli

Blue Deli is the new delicatessen, that makes your visits to Blue Island fish markets doubly delicious!

The new delicatessen, Blue Deli specializes in selecting and offering high quality delicacies. It has arrived to provide haute cuisine gastronomical delicacies and introduce you to the rarest of flavors. It has come to take your experience in the fish market to the next level.

The new Blue Deli Corner has found its home in selected Blue Island fish markets in Nicosia and Limassol. Here, you will discover gastronomical treasures of the highest quality and distinctively sea rich refined flavors. Rare delicacies that have been carefully selected to satisfy even the most demanding tastes.

Sea urchin eggs, caviar, Messolonghi roe, smoked eel, trout and salmon, fine olive oils, aromatic spices and delicious homemade dips are some of the fine haute cuisine products we have selected for you. Blue Deli in selected fish markets, has come to bring rare flavors and dishes that will make a difference!

The new delicatessen experience has arrived to make your visits to the Blue Island fish markets a multiple pleasure and to offer new and exciting flavors to those searching for particularly distinctive products and love fish and seafood. At Blue Deli you can now discover culinary treasures of exceptional quality with distinctive refined flavors and sea rich aromas. A delicatessen with many innovative gastronomical selections and flavors!

Now Fish markets + delicatessen: check… since each visit to the fish market is doubly delicious!

Blue Deli and make your fish even more Deli…cious!