How to distinguish kinds of fish

Grouper from Stira? :The grouper has a light ashen colour and oblong body.Stira? has green patches on its body.

Red mullet from Koutsomoura?: Red mullet has a humped head, while Koutsomoura? has a straight and sharp forehead.

Sardine from Frissa? :The only outward difference is a yellow line on the side of the sardine.

Whitebait from Tseroula? Tseroula is wider and has a lighter colour. Whitebait is tastier.

Octopus from Melidona? Octopus has a dark ashen to leaden colour and short arms, while Melidona? has tough flesh, its colour is reddish and has long and thin arms. Octopus is softer and tastier.

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